BPassionit Reaches Montgomery Alabama “Girls on The Run”

A lot of good things are happening in the United States everyday. Bpassionit received a very nice comment about our clothing from a women living in Montgomery Alabama. She teaches, and also donates her time as a coach in a program called, “Girls on The Run.” Here’s what she says about Bpassionit:

I wanted to reach out to you to let you know how impressed I am with the quality of your apparel. I am a coach for a program called Girls on the Run. The seventeen girls meet Tuesdays and Thursdays during the 10-week program, participating in interactive lessons and running games to help prepare them physically and mentally for our 5k race at the end of the season. These girls have a great time during the lessons and it helps a great deal having quality products they can rely on while running. Your products play a major role in that. It is wonderful to be able to find apparel for girls with fun, bright colors and designs. Keep up the great work! It is greatly appreciated!

I was curious about Girls on The Run and did a little research. Girls on The Run is an after school program that is directed to help grow a young girl’s knowledge of who she is and the potential she holds. All of this is accomplished with what looks like a whole lot of fun and energy! At the end of the 10-week program the girls participate in a 5K race with their running buddy.

What a wonderful program and I love that they have scholarships available so no girl will miss out on the experience.

Thanks for sharing Montgomery Alabama! 

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BPassionit is Bringing You Some LOGO LOVE!!

BPassionit is excited to announce the arrival of our Personalized Caps. Bringing our brand to the forefront, we hope you’ll enjoy the style and comfort provided in this wear anywhere cap.  To coordinate with our Spring Fling Collection, our first round of caps are available in two colors, white and soft pink.

If you prefer wearing a visor, ours arrive mid-March 2017. We’ve listened to our customers needs and bundled some great features together in one visor. Try one on during your next activity and see if you can recognize the improvements.

BPassionit’s personal goal is to provide our customers with the best possible products we can. If you’ve read my posts in the past you know we can’t help but acknowledge the companies that provide an excellent customer experience. Our Caps and Visors are a product of,  Capstone Headwear.

This company is run with the belief that no customer is too small. Capstone worked with us, listening to our needs, making the necessary changes until the project was complete. Can I say they delivered and we thank them!

You name the activity we’ve got you covered. Put on a stylish Bpassionit Cap or visor and head out to do what makes your day a good one.


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Meet Play Love Tennis

Photo of the Roseville Honey Badgers Women's Tennis Team in BPassionit Activewear Urban Collection tops and tennis skirts.

I want to share a website with you, www.meetplaylovetennis.com. If you’re over 45 and someone who needs time off to relax with your girlfriends, visit this site.


Kate Paisley and Pam Turner are the masterminds behind Meet Play Love Tennis.  Together, they organize three different tennis destination events each year. Believe me, these ladies have it down. If you think you might spend too much time sitting around, it won’t happen. I liked how nothing started too early or ran too late. Plenty of time to connect with my friends, and we all were satisfied with the amount of tennis we played.


There is much more to this tennis vacation, but I will leave it to you to find out. I’m on year two with Meet Play Love Tennis and looking forward to next year.


I’m so glad that I took up tennis. I can’t tell you how many friends I’ve made along the way. Tennis feeds me physically, mentally, and emotionally.

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Two Collections Coming Your Way

The BPassionit Fall/Winter 2016 Urban Collection arrives late August.

This collection has 16 different clothing options that all work well together. You will find plenty of solids to complement our new Urban print. This new print can be found in our new short, skirts, and legging. What adds uniqueness to this line is the matching Urban print mesh. We’ve used splashes of this mesh in our tank top and long sleeve top.

We are taking pre-orders on our 2017 Spring Fling Collection. We describe the line as soft, feminine, and fun. This line has 13 different clothing options. Six of the items feature brand new BPassionit designs.

BPassionit has accomplished a lot. We want to thank the people who work alongside us. These individuals have taken our goals and made them theirs. “Alone we can do so little together we can do so much.” – Helen Keller

Thanks everyone for sharing a common vision. We are forever grateful!

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What Makes a Great Tennis Player?

We first got to know Jillian Taggart in 2013, when she was advancing out of the USTA Girls 12 division and moving into Girls 14.

The brand BPassionit was just starting out when a local tennis shop that carried us mentioned a junior tennis player that really liked our clothing. We were touched and inspired by the news and had to meet her.

I still remember meeting Jillian and thinking, what a talented individual and at such a young age. Jillian is close to her family. You find them along with her sister or grandmother pretty much every time you visit.  Here was this very respectful, posed, confident, honest, smart, and mature young lady who had the ability to express joy in such a way that it put a smile in our heart. For us, it was watching her reaction to our clothing.

Having known Jillian for three years now, not much about her has changed, except her size. She still puts in 18 to 20 hours of training each week and continues to hold on to all contributes mentioned.

Our last communication was in February this year when she was in the car coming home from a desert tournament. I knew Jillian had a room full of trophies, so I curiously asked, which was her favorite? She made my heart smile again.

Giving respect to each of them she replied, “I like them all.”

“Yes,” I said, “but you must have a favorite.”

Jillian said, “My favorite is actually a gold medal that I got from winning the Easter bowl doubles last year, and also the trophy where I won a national tournament. I have a collection of national tournament gold, silver, and bronze medals which are also my favorite, but I like them all.”

Jillian is looking forward to the process of the 2016, USTA season. Last I heard, she won the Nor Cal Junior Excellence Tournament 18 division in both singles and doubles. This girl is the complete package and has the foundation to move into a great University or professional arena.

BPassionit is so glad to have the opportunity to follow Jillian. We continue to be inspired by her.

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Both Sides of Sales

Twice a year I find myself in Irvine, California for two purposes. One to sell Bpassionit Tennis and Activewear, and two, attend the LA Textile show as a buyer.

During this year’s trip I realized that I am somewhat on both sides of sales. Granted, I am lucky to have a partner, Denise Antoniadis, that holds down this front all year. I have an abundance of respect for what she does.

It’s near the end of our first day on the selling end and the phrase “Walk in my Shoes” crosses my mind. My interpretation of that familiar phrase is that it’s not about judgment, but about understanding. To me it’s about being on both sides and having a better understanding of what the other person goes through.

I have nothing, but appreciation for those people trying to establish a clothing line, selling for a clothing line, and supplying those in the business. I am a no stone unturned type of person, and will continue as always to visit and say “hi” to the vendors supporting our business all year long.

I understand that the vendors I am driving to see will have spent many hours preparing for their show. They’re anxious to share and hopeful to come home with a few new clients. You will never know which shoe you will be wearing, so take a minute and appreciate those who share your passion. If you don’t take the time, you might be the one missing out.

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Leave No Stone Unturned

I have been to fabric shows across the United States. This past November, I was lucky enough to attend one in my own backyard.  DG Expo Fabric, was brought back to San Francisco after being absent for many years.

Surveying the brochure the night before, I reminisced on my first show held in Los Angeles during Spring of 2012. We had just completed all the filings to set up BPassionit and were eager to get started. Together we brainstormed on the age old question, “What do you feel your best in when working out?” This began our hunt for fabric, fueled with a passion to produce a pant that not only looked good, but was functional. After all, tennis ladies want to look good, have a place to house tennis balls, and have their clothing working off the court. Out of this show, I found fabric and produced two pairs of pants with pockets. One that has taken off, and one that still has untapped potential.

DG Expo Fabric is an excellent place to start, if you’re thinking about getting into the business. These fabric shows have a sampling of everything: fabric and trim suppliers, business development seminars, resource center, consultants for hire, and plenty of publications for sale. I attended a seminar on blogging put on by Jane Hamill. Love this lady! She was full of energy. Check out her web site, Fashion Brain Academy. She taught me that you should talk in your own voice, that everyone does not have to like you, and my blogs do not have to be perfect, just consistent.

So don’t be shy everyone has to start somewhere. As life has taught me,you will only find the person that speaks to you if you leave no stone unturned.

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BPassionit’s Black Friday Sale is Coming

Girls have you heard?

BPassionit is having their Annual Black Friday Sale, November 27-30, 2015.  25% Off our Entire Store*, including Clearance Items. They never have prices that low!


Our Black Friday Sale starts Friday, November 27, 2015, and ends Monday, November 30, 2015 at 11:59 p.m. (PST).

No minimum purchase and no coupon code necessary. Discount automatically applied at checkout. Free Shipping on All Orders.

*Excludes gift cards. Discount can’t be used with other discount codes or coupons.


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Our Passion Realized – BPassionit Fall and Winter Collection for Women’s Activewear

Did you know that BPassionit is run by two women? Our brand name BPassionit embodies how we feel about our sport, opportunity, and life. “B” is the message and “it” was added to describe the possibilities yet to come.

From the first pair of pants sewn to now, passion continues to drive design. Coming December 2015, our Fall/Winter “Geo Collection” will be the first to offer both tennis and gym wear. The collection is centered on a lively, geometric pattern.

We have given you lots of style options, and don’t worry–you will have plenty of pockets to make your transition from the gym to the tennis court. See for yourself!

BPassionit-Geo-Collection_Page_1 BPassionit-Geo-Collection_Page_2

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BPassionit Walks the Runway at Ladies Pro Am in Northern California

Hello passionate ladies!

I just wanted to share a couple of photographs from the Ladies Day Pro Am in Gold River, California last week. Our beautiful volunteer models walked the runway, showcasing our latest BPassionit outfits.


Every year this pro-circuit event coincides with the Gold River Women’s Challenger. You wear your best tennis outfit, get to play tennis with a pro, eat a wonderful lunch, all the while viewing what might possibly be your next tennis outfit. It’s all about having a fun time and believe me, we all do. BPassionit has participated in this event for the last two years.

This year’s event was very moving for me. A women no different than yourself approached the speaker and told us about her challenges and how Saint John’s Program for Real Change gave her an opportunity. From her words you could sense what she felt like when she first arrived at the program. Looking at her I only see a women meeting her goals, no different than myself. You can hear it in her voice–she has forever changed her life. She is self confident and independent.

We’ll hopefully be invited again to contribute next year, and if not I will be sure to attend. BPassionit had a busy month, but this event stands out for me.

– Lisa P.

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4th of July SALE

We’re proud to be American.


To celebrate the Fourth of July, take 20% off everything red, white or blue* in our store, now through July 9, 2015, 11:59 p.m. (PST).


No minimum purchase or coupon code necessary. Discount applied at checkout.
Just shop and enjoy some Red, White and Blue savings.
And, as always, Free Shipping on all orders.

*Excludes already low-priced clearance items and gift cards.
Discount can’t be used with other discount codes or coupons.

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Coming Soon in July…

July is almost here and we’re very excited. We’ll be introducing a new line of skirts this summer, called the Aztec Wrap Skirt with Attached Undershort.

This asymmetrical wrap skirt is flattering to your figure, The smooth, wide waistband won’t dig in and the an openings on both sides allow a greater range of movement and
comfort. These skirts are ideal for tennis and pair well with our Breeze 2 T-Back tops in complementing colors.

The new skirts will come in both Nylon/Spandex Tricot version (in Aztec Pink Print and Tango Solid with Light Pink Contrast) and one that includes a honeycomb mesh front panel in White and Black (pictured below).



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