BPassionit is Bringing You Some LOGO LOVE!!

BPassionit is excited to announce the arrival of our Personalized Caps. Bringing our brand to the forefront, we hope you’ll enjoy the style and comfort provided in this wear anywhere cap.  To coordinate with our Spring Fling Collection, our first round of caps are available in two colors, white and soft pink.

If you prefer wearing a visor, ours arrive mid-March 2017. We’ve listened to our customers needs and bundled some great features together in one visor. Try one on during your next activity and see if you can recognize the improvements.

BPassionit’s personal goal is to provide our customers with the best possible products we can. If you’ve read my posts in the past you know we can’t help but acknowledge the companies that provide an excellent customer experience. Our Caps and Visors are a product of,  Capstone Headwear.

This company is run with the belief that no customer is too small. Capstone worked with us, listening to our needs, making the necessary changes until the project was complete. Can I say they delivered and we thank them!

You name the activity we’ve got you covered. Put on a stylish Bpassionit Cap or visor and head out to do what makes your day a good one.


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What Makes a Great Tennis Player?

We first got to know Jillian Taggart in 2013, when she was advancing out of the USTA Girls 12 division and moving into Girls 14.

The brand BPassionit was just starting out when a local tennis shop that carried us mentioned a junior tennis player that really liked our clothing. We were touched and inspired by the news and had to meet her.

I still remember meeting Jillian and thinking, what a talented individual and at such a young age. Jillian is close to her family. You find them along with her sister or grandmother pretty much every time you visit.  Here was this very respectful, posed, confident, honest, smart, and mature young lady who had the ability to express joy in such a way that it put a smile in our heart. For us, it was watching her reaction to our clothing.

Having known Jillian for three years now, not much about her has changed, except her size. She still puts in 18 to 20 hours of training each week and continues to hold on to all contributes mentioned.

Our last communication was in February this year when she was in the car coming home from a desert tournament. I knew Jillian had a room full of trophies, so I curiously asked, which was her favorite? She made my heart smile again.

Giving respect to each of them she replied, “I like them all.”

“Yes,” I said, “but you must have a favorite.”

Jillian said, “My favorite is actually a gold medal that I got from winning the Easter bowl doubles last year, and also the trophy where I won a national tournament. I have a collection of national tournament gold, silver, and bronze medals which are also my favorite, but I like them all.”

Jillian is looking forward to the process of the 2016, USTA season. Last I heard, she won the Nor Cal Junior Excellence Tournament 18 division in both singles and doubles. This girl is the complete package and has the foundation to move into a great University or professional arena.

BPassionit is so glad to have the opportunity to follow Jillian. We continue to be inspired by her.

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