About Us

BPassionit Women’s Tennis and activewear was initially launched in 2012 in Granite Bay, California by three women who had tennis in common. They had a shared desire to create a winter pant that was functional and could hold a tennis ball, while still being style-conscious. That is where it all started.

Every founder has contributed something before taking a different path. Today BPassionit manufacturers two seasons a year with a complete line of clothing to take you from the gym to the tennis court and on the go.

BPassionit is committed to being style-conscious in our selection of fabrics. Whenever possible, we use environmental performance fabrics with UV-protection and moisture-wicking. We source our product in Los Angeles and are manufactured in San Francisco, California.

BPassionit is carried at top resorts across the U.S., as well as significant online companies. We are honored to have been included at BNP Paribas and sold by Midwest Sports at the annual W&S Open in Cincinnati.

I continue to enjoy the journey and am dedicated to providing the best product possible while understanding that our customers come first.

~ Lisa