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Team Photo Gallery

If your team wears BPassionit, contact us. We’d love to feature you in our Teams section. Be sure to include your Team Name, Level, Year, “Winner of …”, and a high resolution photo of your team in your email.

Johnson Ranch Racquet Club
Winners of 2017 Nor-Cal Sectionals
40 and Over
Competing at Nationals
in Orlando Florida
2017 Winners of the Indian Wells
Senior Cup Tennis Tournament
From Fair Oaks California,
Captained by Terrie O'Donnell
2017 Submitted by Malinda Griffin
from South Carolina
2016 The Sunshine Aces
Adult 18 & Over 3.0 Team, Sunset Hills Country Club
The Sunshine Aces have chosen to wear the Geo Collection. This photograph was provided by Robin Robins.
2016 Imperial Happy Racquets
From Santa Cruz California
The Fireballs, 2015 Adult 18 & Over Women's 4.0 Team
Johnson Ranch
2014 Gold River 7.0 Team