Both Sides of Sales

Twice a year I find myself in Irvine, California for two purposes. One to sell Bpassionit Tennis and Activewear, and two, attend the LA Textile show as a buyer.

During this year’s trip I realized that I am somewhat on both sides of sales. Granted, I am lucky to have a partner, Denise Antoniadis, that holds down this front all year. I have an abundance of respect for what she does.

It’s near the end of our first day on the selling end and the phrase “Walk in my Shoes” crosses my mind. My interpretation of that familiar phrase is that it’s not about judgment, but about understanding. To me it’s about being on both sides and having a better understanding of what the other person goes through.

I have nothing, but appreciation for those people trying to establish a clothing line, selling for a clothing line, and supplying those in the business. I am a no stone unturned type of person, and will continue as always to visit and say “hi” to the vendors supporting our business all year long.

I understand that the vendors I am driving to see will have spent many hours preparing for their show. They’re anxious to share and hopeful to come home with a few new clients. You will never know which shoe you will be wearing, so take a minute and appreciate those who share your passion. If you don’t take the time, you might be the one missing out.

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Karen P in Santa Clara turned me on to your line. Love it!!!

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