BPassionit Walks the Runway at Ladies Pro Am in Northern California

Hello passionate ladies!

I just wanted to share a couple of photographs from the Ladies Day Pro Am in Gold River, California last week. Our beautiful volunteer models walked the runway, showcasing our latest BPassionit outfits.


Every year this pro-circuit event coincides with the Gold River Women’s Challenger. You wear your best tennis outfit, get to play tennis with a pro, eat a wonderful lunch, all the while viewing what might possibly be your next tennis outfit. It’s all about having a fun time and believe me, we all do. BPassionit has participated in this event for the last two years.

This year’s event was very moving for me. A women no different than yourself approached the speaker and told us about her challenges and how Saint John’s Program for Real Change gave her an opportunity. From her words you could sense what she felt like when she first arrived at the program. Looking at her I only see a women meeting her goals, no different than myself. You can hear it in her voice–she has forever changed her life. She is self confident and independent.

We’ll hopefully be invited again to contribute next year, and if not I will be sure to attend. BPassionit had a busy month, but this event stands out for me.

– Lisa P.

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