BPassionit’s 2017 Color Story

BPassionit’s 2017 calendar is turning quickly.

We launched our Spring Fling Collection in March 2017. Introducing a print, carrying shades of blue, lime, orange, pink, turquoise, white, and yes, even a hint of black, to carry our customers through Fall.

On August 16th, came the Spectrum Collection. This Collections name tells it’s own color story. This print does not disappoint and is right at home with its pairing of burgundy and black.

The BPassionit 2017 color story started with a lot of fun and a little creativity.  Ultimately you, our customers, will decide where it goes from here. It’s your creativity that will bring these designs to their true potential. I think we’ve accomplished a lot together.

Enjoy your current BPassionit wardrobe! If something is missing in your closet, let us know. We’d love to put it there.

~ Lisa

P.S. Be looking forward to putting your personal spin on our Spring 2018, GI Girl Collection.


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