Leave No Stone Unturned

I have been to fabric shows across the United States. This past November, I was lucky enough to attend one in my own backyard.  DG Expo Fabric, was brought back to San Francisco after being absent for many years.

Surveying the brochure the night before, I reminisced on my first show held in Los Angeles during Spring of 2012. We had just completed all the filings to set up BPassionit and were eager to get started. Together we brainstormed on the age old question, “What do you feel your best in when working out?” This began our hunt for fabric, fueled with a passion to produce a pant that not only looked good, but was functional. After all, tennis ladies want to look good, have a place to house tennis balls, and have their clothing working off the court. Out of this show, I found fabric and produced two pairs of pants with pockets. One that has taken off, and one that still has untapped potential.

DG Expo Fabric is an excellent place to start, if you’re thinking about getting into the business. These fabric shows have a sampling of everything: fabric and trim suppliers, business development seminars, resource center, consultants for hire, and plenty of publications for sale. I attended a seminar on blogging put on by Jane Hamill. Love this lady! She was full of energy. Check out her web site, Fashion Brain Academy. She taught me that you should talk in your own voice, that everyone does not have to like you, and my blogs do not have to be perfect, just consistent.

So don’t be shy everyone has to start somewhere. As life has taught me,you will only find the person that speaks to you if you leave no stone unturned.

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I love the last paragraph of your article, “Leave No Stone Unturned”. It summarized my 2015 lessons in life and friendships. This past year as I turned over each new stone I discovered its beauty and the wonderful characteristics that would have been missed if it wasn’t looked at up close. Now I will not leave any stone unturned! Thank you for sharing.

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