Meet Play Love Tennis

I want to share a website with you, If you’re over 45 and someone who needs time off to relax with your girlfriends, visit this site.


Kate Paisley and Pam Turner are the masterminds behind Meet Play Love Tennis.  Together, they organize three different tennis destination events each year. Believe me, these ladies have it down. If you think you might spend too much time sitting around, it won’t happen. I liked how nothing started too early or ran too late. Plenty of time to connect with my friends, and we all were satisfied with the amount of tennis we played.


There is much more to this tennis vacation, but I will leave it to you to find out. I’m on year two with Meet Play Love Tennis and looking forward to next year.


I’m so glad that I took up tennis. I can’t tell you how many friends I’ve made along the way. Tennis feeds me physically, mentally, and emotionally.

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So glad you enjoyed our event…we loved having you there! Funny thing, I went to your web site to buy the skirt the ladies are wearing in this photo…love it!

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