Our Passion Realized – BPassionit Fall and Winter Collection for Women’s Activewear

Did you know that BPassionit is run by two women? Our brand name BPassionit embodies how we feel about our sport, opportunity, and life. “B” is the message and “it” was added to describe the possibilities yet to come.

From the first pair of pants sewn to now, passion continues to drive design. Coming December 2015, our Fall/Winter “Geo Collection” will be the first to offer both tennis and gym wear. The collection is centered on a lively, geometric pattern.

We have given you lots of style options, and don’t worry–you will have plenty of pockets to make your transition from the gym to the tennis court. See for yourself!

BPassionit-Geo-Collection_Page_1 BPassionit-Geo-Collection_Page_2

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Great website!! I won a 50 dollar gift certificate a while back and finally got to looking at your line. The GEO collection is fantastic. I love the story about the way you came up with the name of your business. Currently I’m in the process of designing tennis accessories and as an aspiring entrepreneur would love the chance to meet with one or both of you. Congratulations on your success; it has truly inspired me to continue with my dream.

Thanks so much for visiting our web site and sprinkling us with your kind words. We are always interested in hearing what our customers have to share. How very wonderful that your are designing tennis accessories. Are you in the Sacramento area? Send me your contact information and I will reach out. Hope you found something great with your certificate!

Hi, it is wonderful website and great collection, I really liked it, these leggings look very smarter and designer and fashionable. Keep it up to share such information with us. Thanks to share.

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